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The wolfSSL embedded SSL library is a lightweight, portable, C-language-based SSL/TLS library targeted at IoT, embedded, and RTOS environments primarily because of its size, speed, and feature set. 6 Basic Administration component is an introduction to deployment options and management of the individual key features offered using the ProxySG 6. com The SSL Proxy allows interception of HTTPS traffic even when there are no errors. Select the SSL Interception tab. How to Configure User Agent Filtering in the Firewall Last updated on 2015-11-12 00:34:10 For this policy to apply, web traffic must match an access rule with Application Control and an application rule with a User Agent policy. 2 VPM loads slowly the first time but quickly subsequent times within the same browsing session. 2, though the same steps apply for all versions of SGOS from 5. Bluecoat has a good solution for SSL interception, but it is possible to make some mistakes. 4+ years Blue Coat Professional Services, 16 years Information Security SSL Proxy alone can do content filtering (without SSL HTTPS-Proxy: Content Inspection. Enable the SSL session cache for bypassed certificates –Store information about bypassed certificates in cache and reuse the connections. Blue Coat® Systems Deployment Guide documentation@bluecoat. Bluecoat Proxy Https Issues Blue Coat Customer Support Technical Webcast on June 23rd: SSL Visibility Solution Accessing revitcity. Until today, CloudFlare offered three options for SSL/TLS for site operators: Off, Flexible and Full. Example scenarios that are impacted by this are middleboxes that were not part of the initial handshake, and hence do not know the PSK. Enable SSL interception. Bluecoat uses a browser based interface which implements rules in order of applicability. You will learn what is an SSL certificate, how to issue and reissue it. Articles in this section. Click Save. A new study has found that HTTPS Interception – the practice of decrypting and scanning HTTPS connections in order to scan traffic for malware and monitoring – is much more prevalent than previously believed. A Search Filtering interruption may occur when a search engine changes their URL SafeSearch tags. ProxySG Performance Monitoring and Troubleshooting Webcast_Final - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation (. The researchers built a set of heuristics to enable servers to detect HTTPS interception, and found that interception boxes “drastically reduce connection security. My question is "can I able to capture the Intercepted SSL traffic and use it in Third party Forensic softwares". Configuring SSLO to use an upstream explicit proxy . The main purpose of Interception is to catch malware and virus in SSL traffic. ) Any experiencing > using such a product? There are commercial products which will do SSL "interception" proxying. The SSL Inspection is enabled and working fine (incl. ”* 25% Infrastructure Under-utilization Opportunity Cost: €150,000 + SSL risk is unaddressed Alternative 1 Incrementally invest in greater security solution capacity 50% SSL Check Enable Captive Portal. In an HTTPS proxy action, you can enable content inspection and configure domain name rules. e. The Zscaler Cloud Security platform enables “man-in-the-middle” SSL inspection at scale, without latency and capacity limitations. Set the  Sep 10, 2018 To configure SSL interception on an Explicit proxy, the following is Enable Detect Protocol in the explicit HTTP service (Configuration >  Sep 10, 2018 How to configure Secure Socket Layer (SSL) interception on an explicit proxy on ProxySG or Advanced Secure Gateway (ASG). 3 and SSL decryption and re-encryption How SSL/TLS interception works. By pairing SSL inspection with Zscaler’s complete security stack as a cloud service, you get improved protection without the inspection limitation of appliances. One thing you can do in newer UTM releases (I'm on 9. This will   SSL Orchestrator v4. SSL Visibility Appliance and Encrypted TAP for ProxySG. ), as well as many other things. 3. The X-Forwarded-For (XFF) HTTP header is used to identifying the originating IP address of a client connecting to a web server through an HTTP proxy or load balancer. (Management Console Location: Configuration > Services > Proxy Services > Other Service Group > New Service) 7. BlueCoatSecurityFirstSteps Contents Solution: ControlHTTPS Traffic 4 Steps 5 VerifyYourProxySGSetupforSSL 5 CreateaKeyring 5 CreateaSelf-SignedCertificate 6 For example, to bypass SSL interception for the users in the Finance group, you would select Disable SSL Interception. Connection Pooling. Click "Disabled," check the "Enable SSL Opt-out Page" option and click OK. To work successfully, Forcepoint Search Filtering relies on specific tags passed in the URL response. How SSL Certificates Work. In this case the proxy is tampering with the SSL, e. And you have filled out the “(Pre)-Master-Secret log filename” field in your preferences? Be aware that Wireshark might be sniffing traffic that is not sent by the configured browser, e. 3 internet encryption wins approval. i used step 2 and 4 from this article but the SG is not able to browse the AD, not connecting. When I disable the a antivirus it is functioning properly - what am I doing wrong? The antivirus should be active and the Streamining should function properly, right? Antivirus: Sophos Steps to implement SSL Keyring, SSL service intercept, SSL Intercept and CPL rules by CLI How to implement SSL keyrings, SSL service intercept, and CPL rules using CLI mode on the ProxySG appliance After upgrading a ProxySG appliance to SGOS 6. In the Visual Policy Manager, navigate to Policy > Add SSL Intercept Layer. If necessary, you can disable SSL inspection so that HTTPS sessions are passed through the IDP Series device uninspected. For this example, we used "SSL_Self_Signed. a web server) secured with SSL. For an example of policy using Forum discussion: I've been working to implement Blue Coat ProxySG to do HTTP and HTTPS accelerations, interceptions, and web content caching/filtering based on WCCP mechanism. This is to allow legal SSL interception, i. SSL interception or decryption on network devices for outbound connections to the internet can definitely be a solution. They are available in the site’s control panel under “CloudFlare Settings” and in the Page Rules section for a given zone. Mark the option “Enable HTTPS interception” and select as Issuer Keyring the proxy certificate that we created in the first steps: NOTE: In case Skype/Office365 communications go through the proy, it will be necessary to check the option “Enable SSL interception with proxy handoff” as described in the next post. That would cause protocol (and other interception-related) errors to fail open (TCP Tunnel Proxy vs SSL Proxy with detect protocol disabled ). 1 09/2008 This site is dedicated to SSL-certificates. I have tried both with Burp proxy or with a normal Squid proxy (using ssl_bump). Note that SSL protocol detection should be enabled for the proxy service in use (HTTP or SOCKS). Select one of the options for Estimated Users. txt) or view presentation slides online. Blue Coat Reporting software, showing a very basic report by using the full log detail. Create any additional user- and/or group-based rules by setting the Source and Action as specified in steps a and b. In my example, this is what the rule looks like: The source is set to any. However, https/SSL adds a significant overhead to the processing and traffic load on the SG appliance processor. Search the history of over 357 billion web pages on the Internet. The SSL Visibility Appliance provides high performance and multiple streams of decrypted content for use in IDS, IPS, compliance, logging, threat analysis and other measures across all network ports. 6 solution. 11. 3 and SSL decryption and re-encryption My organisation is using SSL interception feature of Bluecoat Proxy SG. ” US-CERT on Thursday followed up on this work, warning corporate security teams about the effects of these traffic interception appliances. Without SSL decryption, there is no way for the Security Gateway to know the underlying URL and easily categorize the connection. TLS 1. To create an explicit SSL proxy, complete the following steps: Configure the browser on the desktop to use a proxy or point to a PAC Configuring HTTP SSL Proxy Interception RiOS HTTP Optimization Techniques. intercepting SSL traffic; and the primary policy layers that are used to manage A NetScaler Secure Web Gateway (SWG) appliance configured for SSL interception acts as a proxy. The following SSL install questions will help you better understand the installation process. Today. A Web browser is accessing an HTTPS site, using explicit proxying on the ProxySG, port 8080. We installed Visual Studio 2015 Community on one of our computers; When we tried to update our license using our MS account, we got the message "Failed to update license". (Something like SQUID for SSL. If you would like to scan files which were sent using secure connection, then you can optionally configure Bluecoat to decrypt SSL connections. Now you can decrypt once and share decrypted traffic with other devices easily. Select the Non-Intercept chain based on IP information . Select Enable SSL Interception. A decision to intercept, bypass, or reset a connection is made on the basis of the defined SSL policy. By default the Symantec Web Security Service does not intercept inbound HTTPS traffic from destination web locations and applications. If you are mainly concerned with blocking traffic to certain sites but don't need to snoop inside the https session, URL Filtering works fine with HSTS as it only looks at the requested URL (sent in the clear even on https), not the body of the request (encrypted). For a list of the URLs that are used by Windows Update, see Can't download updates from Windows Update from behind a firewall or proxy server. C Assume that ProxySG has default policy set to Allow; it is configured so that the HTTP proxy service on port 8080 has Detect Protocol option disabled and there are no policy rules on either SSL Intercept Layer or SSL Access Layer. Seems like more of a Mac query than specific to the SG. The details The general idea is that within your large company – let’s call it “B” – there is an existing PKI infrastructure which is in use. has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Enabling Bluecoat To Intercept SSL traffic. Note that you  Apr 29, 2019 How do I enable SSL interception for the Symantec Web Security Service (WSS)? ; How do I bypass certain sites or categories from SSL  Enabling SSL interception allows the Web Security Service to decrypt HTTPS By default, the Web Security Service does not intercept HTTPS traffic  Sep 11, 2018 It can intercept and decrypt SSL/TLS traffic to inspect the unencrypted request and enable a company to enforce compliance rules and security  Mar 20, 2017 TLS Interception, also referred to as SSL Inspection, is a topic that has the school systems web filter, BlueCoat Proxy, did not properly handle TLS 1. Snooping on HTTPS is about to get harder: TLS 1. SSL/TLS interception is performed by software on “middleboxes” located in between the client and HTTPS website or on the client’s machine, in the case of malware, anti-virus software, and ad injectors. Select your Time Zone. Interception Caching is the process by which HTTP connections coming from remote clients are redirected to a cache server, without their knowledge or explicit configuration. SSL interception works by having the client establish a trust relationship with the see Enable IWA Authentication for SSL Traffic in a Transparent Deployment . 2. For each Security Management Server that has Security Gateways enabled with HTTPS inspection, you must: Import the CA certificate. A browser or server attempts to connect to a website (i. Confirm that In this example, keep the default option Enable HTTPS Interception. For example, to bypass SSL interception for the users in the Finance group, you would select Disable SSL Interception. Finally go to The SSL Interception Layer contains one rule, which is set to SSL intercept "Any" Source and Destination. Solution En la mayoría de las organizaciones, estos dispositivos de "descifrado" SSL normalmente se despliegan en la ruta de salida del tráfico (Proxys de salida), son de baja latencia, permiten bloquear el tráfico que no se puede descifrar, incluyen listas de exclusiones (por ejemplo, bancos legítimos), y en los que se podrá bloquear descargas con Never used a Bluecoat but I would assume it's similar to any other proxy that does MITM SSL inspection in that you need to push out the root cert the ProxySG is using. For organizations considering the use of SSL proxy and interception in their ProxySG Enabling Bluecoat To Intercept SSL traffic By default SSL (HTTPS) connections are not intercepted by Bluecoat and therefore data in them are not scanned by the ICAP server. HTTP Vary Headers. For SSL Interception, you can also configure advanced settings such as the number of working instances that are involved in the SSL decryption process, log verbosity, CRL checks, or the used cipher string. This guide is focused on providing clear, simple, actionable guidance for securing the channel in a hostile environment where actors could SSL offloading is the process of removing the SSL-based encryption from incoming traffic to relieve a web server of the processing burden of decrypting and/or encrypting traffic sent via SSL. The browser/server checks to see whether or not it trusts the SSL certificate. Configure > SSL > Validation > Verification Bypass –Enables users to visit a site even if the certificate is invalid. At the time of writing, there are several bugs (with pending patches) that may prevent this cleanup in some Squids. Conflicting perspectives on the TLS 1. Block HTTPS traffic without enabling SSL inspection through using a Global If traffic is forwarded to a dedicated proxy port: An organization can subscribe to  Mar 22, 2011 enable-ssl : this is a prerequisite for SslBump, which squid uses to intercept SSL The second directive (ssl_bump) instructs the proxy to allow all SSL the two proxy solutions I am most familiar with, these being BlueCoat  Blue Coat Proxy. This document describes the configuration steps to set up an SSL inspection policy on the Cisco FireSIGHT System. the traffic interception would still happen). The latest version of the protocol for HTTPS secure connections gets green light from the IETF. a background application on the same system might be reaching out over TLS and wouldn’t be logging its keys. A group of Certificate and Public Key Pinning is a technical guide to implementing certificate and public key pinning as discussed at the Virginia chapter's presentation Securing Wireless Channels in the Mobile Space. Blue Coat SG Series#(config ssl)create keyring show SSL_Self_Signed 1024. CloudFlare’s SSL options. We are now introducing a new option: Full SSL (Strict). You can configure one of three actions for a policy—INTERCEPT, BYPASS, or RESET. The processing is offloaded to a separate device designed specifically for SSL acceleration or SSL termination. SSL Presentation 35 The ProxySG 6. Here I document one of those and provide a few other tips. Large organizations that emphasize security want to move to cloud services like Office 365, but need to know that their users only can access approved resources. Enables the inspection of all ports and protocols of traffic, including TLS 1. bluecoat proxy sg Interception Caching goes under many names - Interception Caching, Transparent Proxying, URL rewriting, SSL-Bump and Cache Redirection. Burp gives you full control, letting you combine advanced security testing techniques and also you can automation, to make your work easy, faster and more effective. > "Enterprise class Blue Coat’s SSL Visibility Appliance is comprehensive, extensible solution that assures high-security encryption. For example, you might create a second rule that disables SSL intercept for the CEO. This means that a lot of traffic is passing un-checked. With the SSL Visibility Appliance, customers get the most extensive out-of-the box set of high-security cipher suites and advanced TLS support to enable security tools across all traffic ports and protocols. Many site-admins using SSl fail to install the intermediate certs which slows down session set-up but also means we had to install many intermediates as the proxy does not go looking for them. Some lessons learned: Bluecoat ProxySG devices come with root CA certificates installed. 9. it does a man-in-the-middle attack (also called SSL interception in some firewalls or SSL bump Burp Suite is a interception and web proxy tool to performing security testing of web applications to finding and exploiting security vulnerabilities. Earlier in this blogpost, I mentioned the ‘man-in-the-middle attack’. Check Issuer Keyring, and select the newly-created SSL keyring. SSL Interception uses a policy that specifies which traffic to intercept, block, or allow. 5. Disabling SSL Inspection Problem. 0 Architecure Guide . The Decryption Broker is a natural extension to decryption on the next-generation firewall, simplifying the management and troubleshooting of the approach. Your proxy is set up as a Reverse SSL proxy and your certificate is about to expire. HTTPS interception products support for known-broken ciphers that would allow an active man-in-the-middle . SSL Visibility Appliance is a comprehensive, extensible solution that assures high-security encryption. Step 4: Configure the ProxySG appliance to perform SSL interception. pdf), Text File (. How to create self-signed SSL Certificate An SSL policy for SSL interception evaluates incoming traffic and applies a predefined action to requests that match a rule (expression). The following steps describe how to write policy to enable SSL Proxy: functionality using the Visual Policy Manager. Hello David, Do you happen to have any article or pointers which regards to configuring ssl authentication between Bluecoat SG and Microsoft AD using Ldap. 03/28/2019; 8 minutes to read +7; In this article. By default SSL (HTTPS) connections are not intercepted by Bluecoat and therefore data in them are not scanned by the MetaDefender ICAP Server. the one done in lots of companies to protect against malware and data leakage and done by several desktop AV products for the same reason. Antivirus). Popular security products such as anti-viruses and middleboxes put customers at risk through poor transport layer security (TLS) interception implementations, researchers have found. 2x) is to change the HTTPS filtering from Decrypt & Scan to URL Filtering only. Inspecting Encrypted Traffic with the Blue Coat SSL Visibility Appliance WhatWorks is a user-to-user program in which security managers who have implemented effective Internet security technologies tell why they deployed it, how it works, how it improves security, what problems they faced and what lessons they learned. Create a “web access” layer, and create a new rule . Cisco SSL Appliances decrypt secure socket layer (SSL) traffic and send it to existing security and network appliances to transparently enable encrypted traffic inspection. . TLS interception or "proxying" started out as a graduate students parlour trick and eventually evolved into an entire shady industry where players like Bluecoat are routinely caught selling their products and services to repressive regimes. Use tenant restrictions to manage access to SaaS cloud applications. ppt / . Got a story of your own? • Organisations without SSL decryption typically Allow all or Block all SSL traffic • SSL decryption improves adherence to organisational policies – Access control – Monitoring – Reporting • Improves organisational and user security – Reduced risk of interception SSL Interception can now be enabled on a per-access or application rule basis. , its suppliers or its licensors be liable for any damages, whether arising in tort, contract or any other legal theory even if blue coat systems, inc. If you are using a Bluecoat proxy, you can find more details at Microsoft Windows updates fail to install. 2. Click New. com via Blue Coat ProxySG. Read specific instructions on how to block Google services from the following proxy service providers, selecting a server that meets your needs. X-Forwarded-For and X-BlueCoat-Via) and the modifica-. This process is known as SSL interception. The root CA certificates are installed on the Windows 8 machine, in the Local Machine store, under Trusted Root CAs. How to configure SSL proxy to intercept HTTPS traffic for an explicit deployment using a Configuring SSL interception for Explicit proxy. Click Download to download then install the SSL Root Certificate: In order to pass Okta groups as part of the SAML Response: HTTP proxy, the proxies can detect the use of the SSL protocol on such connections and enable SSL Proxy functionality. SSL Inspection with Cisco ASA and FirePOWER: Five Reasons to Off-Load SSL Decryption Skilled threat actors are now hiding cyber attacks in SSL-encrypted traffic. To affect policy further, the ProxySG appliance decrypts HTTPS traffic in transit, so that it can apply policy to it. Select your Country. With the default configuration, the Web Security Service applies content filtering policy to the furthest extent possible; however, it cannot apply policies to transactions that require deeper inspection, such as web Items 1-5 enable you to set up the initial configuration of the Proxy SG by following the steps configure the Proxy SG with a direct serial port connection in your Blue Coat installation guide. On selecting 'Default', the HTTPS Exceptions settings as configured Zscaler SSL Inspection. There are already vendors like Symantec (BlueCoat) who provide dedicated SSL services. About TLS (or SSL) inspection on Chrome devices Next: 1) Set up a hostname whitelist Transport Layer Security (TLS) inspection (also known as SSL inspection) is a security feature provided by third-party web filters. " Click OK. 3 Draft of the goals of the new standard and enable the continuation of real time and after the fact decryption of TLS The SSL context used for talking directly to SSL servers is freed and recreated on reconfigure. Primary Content Optimization Methods. 4 and higher. When content inspection is enabled, the Firebox can decrypt HTTPS traffic, examine the content, then encrypt the traffic again with a new certificate. What does this "bypass" actually do and why is it necessary? Example. Click Install Policy to save the SSL policy. All complementary devices are inline, enabling enforcement on each device and maximizing security. 3 states that the client SHOULD include a "key_share" extension to enable the server to decline resumption and fall back to a full handshake, however it is not an absolute requirement. Barracuda Networks ® Symantec ® McAfee ® Forcepoint ® Search the history of over 362 billion web pages on the Internet. SSL Certificate installation can be with the right knowledge and tools. If you would rather drop such sessions, you must create a security policy rule that matches the HTTPS traffic and uses the drop action. Authentication Type: Select SAML. It can intercept and decrypt SSL/TLS traffic to inspect the unencrypted request and enable a company to enforce compliance rules and security checks. g. Not only do their payloads avoid inbound detection, it’s also easier for them to hide outbound activity during data exfiltration. of the SSL service, enable protocol detection on the TCP-tunnel service. Select Enable HTTPS Interception. It is recommended to use a Forcepoint product with SSL interception enabled (for example, Content Gateway) for consistent Search Filtering. We are not intercepting Any financial or E-commerse site. Extend SSL visibility – Decrypt Once Feed Many “NSS has concerns for the viability of SSL inspection … without the use of dedicated SSL decryption devices. FAQ SSL will be useful for both novices and pros. Examples include Bluecoat, and perhaps Radware and Checkpoint. SSL Knowledgebase contains sections on validation, trust logo, vulnerabilities, SSL-certificates differences by type (Wildcard, EV, DV, etc. The default SSL Opt-out page page can be exported, edited via an html editor, and imported to provide company-specific in no event shall blue coat systems, inc. While other vendors only support a handful of cipher-standards, the SSL Visibility Appliance provides timely and complete standards support, with over 70 cipher suites and key exchanges offered, and growing. This article is based on SGOS 6. 1. May 26, 2016 While Symantec has agreed to certificate transparency, Blue Coat is a . pptx), PDF File (. The user can be notified that their SSL connection will be decrypted using the response page found on the Device tab > Response Pages screen. As for SSL interception. It still does not function properly unless we add it to the "SSL intercept bypass" list. To enable SSL Interception, move the toggle switch to ON position and select the profile, from the drop-down. Well, these devices could identify this encrypted traffic as a Resolution Details. document number: 231-03025 document revision: ssl proxy reference guide—sgos 5. While other vendors only support a handful of cipher-standards, the SSL Visibility Appliance provides timely and complete standards support, with 100 Cipher Suites and key exchanges offered. Yet, in order to enable bypass rules of HTTPS Inspection, it is necessary to determine the site's category without SSL decryption - site category is resolved according to the FQDN of server's certificate. In theory, that should clear the internal OpenSSL certificate and CRL cache when the last SSL connection using the old context is gone. This allows existing intrusion prevention system (IPS) appliances to identify risks normally hidden by SSL, such as regulatory compliance violations, viruses, malware, data A minority of customers are doing https/SSL interception at the Bluecoat SG appliance. The web server sends the browser/server a copy of its SSL certificate. Such The proxy is running on another machine on port 8080 and is configured to intercept SSL. Configure Advanced SSL Interception Settings. Heres hoping LibreSSL delivers the goods with or without the marketing teams say. To enable it to generate trusted (by the browser based on the new root  An SSL proxy means that traffic going through it is not encrypted and . If you have sufficient privileges on your local machine you may be able to remove the bluecoat CA from your trusted CA list, however all that would do would be to produce warnings in your browser as the sites you visit would then appear to have untrusted certificates (i. Steps to implement SSL Keyring, SSL service intercept, SSL Intercept and CPL rules by CLI How to implement SSL keyrings, SSL service intercept, and CPL rules using CLI mode on the ProxySG appliance After upgrading a ProxySG appliance to SGOS 6. the one done in lots of . Since certificates enable; conf t; ssl; view keypair unencrypted. SafeSearch and Application Control; Important Notes on Umbrella Reporting: 28 Day Threshold ; SAML Configuration stuck in Pending "Your SAML configuration needs to be verified" The SSL inspection feature allows you to either block encrypted traffic without inspecting it, or inspect encrypted or decrypted traffic with access control. Bluecoat (Symantec) ProxySG can't intercept Skype traffic because Skype uses a proprietary protocol and rare ciphers that they can't understand (Processing Skype Through a ProxySG Appliance ). Enter the password the Security Management Server uses to decrypt the CA certificate file and sign the certificates for users. The browser/server requests that the web server identify itself. a setting where only the superadmin can enable/disable and that is if  tecting HTTPS interception based on handshake characteristics. by sos. Once you have completed those steps, you can configure the second interface on the Proxy SG for use with the Websense ICAP server. About Scanning Encrypted Traffic. SSL interception works by having the client establish a trust relationship with the appliance, which can then enforce policy such as simple allow/deny actions based on the entire URL Describes why it’s useful to intercept SSL traffic; a description of the two main policy actions, tunneling vs. The SSL Interception Layer might look like this at first: Under Action, click None, and select Set. TMK, none of these enable caching of the SSL content when used as a forward proxy for outbound web-browsing. Following is the SSL Interception - Allows you to enable/disable HTTPS exceptions to be applied to the traffic intercepted by the rule. I see many pitfalls. This article covers the deployment of the SSL forward proxy in an explicit deployment (via explicit browser proxy or PAC file). Create the SSL intercept policy. Bluecoat SGOS invalid certificate with SSL intercept Hi, Recently we have enabled SSL from bypass to intercept with an SSL intercept layer in visual policy manager to block social networking sites. When I'm streaming on Youtube - the streaming hangs after 1 minute. SSL Insight is a comprehensive SSL/TLS decryption solution that enables your security devices to efficiently analyze all enterprise traffic while: Eliminating the blind spot Ensuring compliance and privacy; Boosting performance for increased ROI of your security stack If I understand you right your SSL connection succeeds without proxy, also succeeds with a proxy if you disable certificate validation but fails with a proxy if you enable certificate validation. Right-click in the Action field, and navigate to Set > New > Enable HTTPS Interception. Thus, if the certificate is signed by the BlueCoat CA which is implicitly trusted due to derived trust then the browser will complain because the certificate New Study Finds HTTPS Interception is Weakening HTTPS. It broke a host of things. In both transparent and explicit proxy mode, SSL interception is needed since without it, the URLs are encrypted and so the proxy cannot read the URLs. May 28, 2019 To set up SSL interception with a self-signed certificate: Right-click in the Action field, and navigate to Set > New > Enable HTTPS Interception. Support SSL interception—Since most traffic through your Google service is encrypted, your proxy server also needs to support SSL interception. enable ssl interception bluecoat

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