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Depending on your operating system, you can review and monitor CPU usage through specific tools. With the Win 7 PC, when the CPU was idle, the CPU core temps were 30 deg C. The new Win 10 is running 30 to 50% CPU when no programs are running! I have an Intel i5 CPU, 750 running at 2. The Corsair SF450 is really adorable; its inaudible at full cpu load, dead silent on idle, and very silent on full system load. This will give a fair idea of whether the CPU is being over-utilized and can help pinpoint which applications are causing spikes. While I can tell you that those are generally safe CPU temperatures for the 8700K (at stock settings and with the cooler I have), there are a few things that I had to consider first before declaring that those are CPU temperatures I can live with. The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the "brain" of the computer. 8ghz 1. We've summed up 10 best solutions to help you fix this Windows 10 high CPU usage, high memory usage or high RAM usage. I had the Corsair H100i before this and the Corsair Link software let me link the fan speed with whatever sensor I wanted. E5-2670 + SM Board very weird CPU Temps & Fan Speeds (had to let it idle a bit and raise temps from the above lower Forum discussion: [att=1] Those are my current specs yesterday i installed a Samsung 840 pro but ever since the install every time i start running a few applications my cpu temp will jump to 140 I have a Z77FTW & 2700K I have OC'ed to 4. I decided to delid using the der8auer Delid Die Mate 2 and was able to sustain a 5GHz/1. 3 every second or so. What can I say simply a great value for the performance I've been able to obtain. 2019 is a special year for CPUID. Would love to start using my new CPU instead of just having it sit on my desk. This typically consists of a CPU heatsink, thermal paste, and a CPU fan. Biz Forums. . Random knocking sounds, air bubble noise. tab so it doesn't jump around and scroll down for the CPU high task  Hi, I got these two 3 days ago. 40c sounds just about right. Power is the sum of the static power (which is the leakage of current when idle) plus High CPU Temperature. There is is still loads of air in the loop. 35v but was concerned about thermal throttle on my ATC700 air cooler with temps at almost 90°C. 5 Feb 2019 Some of the spikes are HUGE and the fan revving is like from 800rpm to -> 2500RPM because it jumps right past my trigger point. And in BIOS the CPU actually does more work than people think. just for idle temps with no serous load for a long time, it should be around 40°C I would say, unless your case is that hot, which is bad too. Right now, the temps spike up to 60C at idle. Core Temp is a compact, no fuss, small footprint, yet powerful program to monitor processor temperature and other vital information. Corsair Hydro H100i v2 CPU Cooler Review. 6 Msi gaming m7 z170 @ Corsair H115 platinum And under the "Advanced Tuning" page you can disable Turbo boost. Tab out of or close game and look for max temp and fan speed. I looked at the mounting and it appears to be properly mounted. I'd noticed in DGC once, the CPU temp jumping directly from ~62C(idle) to 90C. Maybe in a Hi, recently my laptop has been hitting high idle temperatures right from start up. doesn't sit as tight as I would like on cpu but its secure wmiprvse. Since it is prone to frequent transfer, manufacturers make sure that their systems can withstand almost every risk including spills, transport and jostling. On my x299, I've settled on 4. CPU Package Temp Fluctuating Like Crazy - posted in Internal Hardware: Hello everyone. This counter monitors the amount of time the CPU spends executing a thread that is not idle. GPU: If you are a gamer or work in video editing or image manipulation, then you probably have a powerful video card to process the graphics. You can't do that without some sort of refrigeration. i might verify the thermal paste and verify that the CPU is seated magnificent. I have the Gen 4 fully loaded. Firstly thats not everest Well, for my particular motherboard at least (A7M266), my idle temps went from 66C down to 46C. GPU fans don't start spinning until it reaches a certain temp, 50 or 60 degrees celcius. If you do this the CPU will lock on its base 2600 Mhz value. 22. I can see my idle  At idle, you aren't doing much work at all so temps will be lower. UPDATE: After five months with this cooler my temps are constantly jumping up and down by 10C. 175 VCore. Idle temps on a fx 6300 went from 38c with stock cooler to 28-30c with the buffalo. These video cards usually their own cooling technology, which is very similar to a CPU cooler with fans, a heatsink, and thermal paste. Under heavy load (gaming), temps get as high as 85C after undervolting, pre undervolting it went up to 98C with 25% cpu throttling. after that it continues to working normally. The reason why you probably hear the fan noise is because your fan is probably full of dust and the thermal paste dried out and thus the CPU and GPU is running on higher temps. Second question: My temps jump around a lot when i open a program it can jump up 10 c just bye opening one program but it does come back down, I don’t like my temp jumping around that much is there anyway to fix that i think the only way maybe is to I'm starting to now suspect that everything is fine with the CPU and its just the crap stock heatsink since the temps fall in line with BigKoss 60's in BF3 and 30 at idle. jpg. Hi All, I'm not quite sure where I should go with this question, but the Ubuntu community is a  Ryzen 1600 oc 3. What's weird though is that even though it's idle (and I'm talking maybe like 3% CPU usage idle), the margin temperature keeps jumping around by 10 degrees. exe located in C;\Windows\System32\Wbem. it transpires that the CPU temp maxed out at 90c and sits idle around . WMIPRVSE. I re-seated the wires and last night the fans behaved with the CPU and power supply temp going all the way to 50+ degrees Celsius. Of course I should be worrying since I don't know how much hotter the CPU temps will be in a few months' time. 375V (these numbers are as I am running Prime95) for 35mins. First of all, you need a CPU Meaning of Laptop usage constantly jumping around when idle CPU? Working on a laptop computer gives you flexibility and portability. Was running VirtualBox last night installing some OS How to Fix High CPU Usage. I wish I recorded temps before installing, but my thermal margin is 70C at idle and 52C under load. It's not over clocked (never has been) temps at idle are around 47 on stock cooler and max out about 78. Instead, it went with good old solder. Like for my HTPC the coolest conceal has 2 120mm followers fastened on it, as quickly as I pull that off the CPU temps drops approximately 3C to or 21C that's room temp: yet my HDD is going up by 6C or 36/37C and Motherboard by 10C or 43C. And this is with an Athlon 1400 in a system designed for quietness over good cooling. 67 GHz. When the CPU is being heavily used, the overall performance of the computer can be impacted. is 34c to 36c a goog idle temp for a i7 4770k not overclocked To check your CPU temps, one core jumping to 50 at one point. Thanks What's weird though is that even though it's idle (and I'm talking maybe like 3% CPU usage idle), the margin temperature keeps jumping around by 10 degrees. Highest I've seen it go is 97 degrees. Its obviously doing its job though. How much heat is generated, and 2. You Know Your CPU’s Normal Temp at Idle and Under Load – Now What? Now having replaced the heat paste with Arctic Silver 5 and following all instructions Real Temp shows the cpu temperatures sometimes zooming around sometimes 25 degrees celsius in a second with only Windows idle programs running and crashing. 5, to x2x. Its a nice feature that can really help keep temps down. This means the link 4-5 degrees fahrenheit will jump 10-15 celcius on cpu with air cooler. you are with the same processor, you don't want to jump to conclusions. It can go from the 40s to the 50s in the drop of a hat just opening a program. The water temp is stable during this idle period. Discussion in 'Hardware Components and Aftermarket Upgrades' started by iunlock, Oct 25, 2016. On Windows, the Performance tab of the Windows Task Manager displays the rate of CPU a b, the everest etc temps seem to be the correct ones, because if your CPU was running up to 51c idle, you find yourself rebooting quite a lot. I update the pc with the latest drivers bios and firmware ecc I noticed that it have high temperatures,the CPU'S temperature have peaks to 90° and generally stay around 75 85 ° while playing,on idle they jumping from 35 to 60 without some reasons. Now i see huge difference in cpu temps in AIDA64. 184 to 1. When the Win 10 CPU is running at 45-50%, the heat in the CPU cores elevates to ~50 deg C. 1c Average current says 56. Great little cooler. Browsing the web went from low 40c stock cooler to low 30c with buffalo. GE62VR 6RF VR user here, idling and light browsing is at 60C before and after undervolting+turning off Turbo Boost. Modern CPUs can run at idle with nothing but a What it does is it will basically lower your multiplier when your CPU is idle and then set it back to what ever you set in the BIOS when the CPU needs the extra juice. Something has started happening, If i sit and watch my hw monitor temps for say 30seconds. The fans stayed at a rock steady 1000 rpm the whole time. This is while idle, doing nothing, sitting at the desktop. I was planning on monitoring the CPU temps remotely with the 6655 via a notebook PC and running the test system by booting to DOS and running CPUBurn in real time If the gpu panel is closed under gpu/cpu load temps on the cpu block increase by quite a bit. Under load, temps are constant at ~70C with fans pinned at 100%. This is without running any games or background applications. My fps would go from ~60 to ~3-10 for 5 seconds in intervals of a few minutes. Cons: Mounting could have been better. Luckily, there are easy solutions to solve this high CPU/memory/RAM usage issue on Windows 10. I've checked it in ryzen master and CPU-z. The temps are jumping around like crazy on idle (between 45 and 65) and on full load with Prime95, it's hitting 70-80c with the coolant temp only at 35-39c. It's causing the fan to kick in and makes it kinda loud. I am trying to return my computer to its original out of box settings and I have run the four recovery discs that I originally made. Something is causing your cpu usage  Hi, im new there, and first time buy pc with AMD cpu, and sorry for my When system idle, themp jumping 40-65, i close all programs and see  Why would the CAM software be showing a different temp than the CPU is . temp. Are my temps good, I haven’t done any stress testing either, Not sure what program to use and how long should i let the stress test go for. Don't forget to use it. 32v overclock with temps never exceeding 76°C. The graph above is under such circumstances. Temp 1 Temp 2 Temp 3 HD0 (which I guess is hard drive) Temp 1 is steady at 57 C Temp 2 is steady at around 60-70 C (I hope this is not my CPU temp) Temp 3 is jumping all over, but it never goes above 50 C Cpu Overheating is unlikely as it would cool down considerably faster than 8 hrs. This morning I woke up my iMac and as soon as the CPU temp hit 44 the fan CPU fan went full blast. Just from booting up. As it's a CPU test, the gpu is practically idle ("0%" use according to gpu-z). Since your leaving the overclock to the cpu when it automatically chooses to overclock the temps will then jump, but it should still stay consistent across all cores for examle 69 69 68 67 then when turbo hits 71 71 70 69. It's not cpu temps that's the problem. Monitor your cpu usage for each core. If the CPU's heat output doubles, then yes, the CPU core can jump in temperature significantly and quickly on its side of the relatively-high-resistance interface. The sensors read wrong at idle but it somehow makes the load temperatures more accurate. etc impossible to say what's running ATM without task manager and CPU should ramp up on demand so it's frequency will be jumping and because of that it's hard to say about your temps, real idle should be around 40-55c depending on all different factors posted above, but from OP post it Since having the logic board replaced recently via an Apple Store Genius bar, I've noticed that iStat Pro is reporting what seem like quite high idle CPU and GPU temperatures - usually around 57 degree celsius/135 degrees fahrenheit (CPU) and 60 degrees celsius/140 degrees fahrenheit (GPU) - I don't remember idle temps being this high before Idle is no less than 35C, jumping to 45C almost instantaneously every few seconds, sometimes even 50-55C with minimal load. exe is a virus/spyware etc. There will be one core that is doing something that drives the temp up quick and high and then immediately falls back down again. You’ll see the CPU at all core boost so higher temps Hello, I just installed a new Mobo (Crosshair v formula z) and a new CPU 9(FX8350) along with a new heatsink (H80i) and when i monitor my Core temps they jump around like crazy, up and down and up and down (example: 15c - 18c - 12c - 30c - 17c) [SOLVED] Ryzen 2600 random 35-95 degree jumps: CPU clock speed jumps rapidly, CPU overheats when playing games: cpu volt jumping: my i5 8600k is jumping temps on only one core: Jump to Ryzen [SOLVED] cpu usage jumping to 100 when task manager is closed but comes back when i open it: My Ryzen 3 2200G's temp keeps jumping + a few other questions CPU Package Temp Fluctuating Like Crazy - posted in Internal Hardware: Hello everyone. I know cooling is solid because I top out at 90C (Tctl, not Tjct) on 3. How much heat is removed For heat generated, this is directly related to power. I've takeded a picture form Overclocking First, we established the Core i7-8700K’s limits by cooling the chip's IHS to a constant 20°C, side-stepping potential thermal bottlenecks imposed by Intel's unfortunate use of CPU temperatures jumping around. If a program is eating up your entire processor, there's a good chance that it's not behaving properly. 8Ghz overclock. BTW: when I start prime95 stress test, it shows in CPU-Z x39 multiplier, when I play some game it si also x39, but when I "window tab" to Windows desktop for example, or when I'm not playing and I am in Windows desktop the multiplier jumps from x39, to x15. PyroUK: This executable is a possible hijacker opportunity. CPU Maxed Out? There's probably something amiss. After 3/4 minutes I noticed that maximum frequency was happily jumping up and down A lot of users frequently ask if their computers are running too hot and want to know their maximum temperature for their CPU is. You should see that the fan does indeed spin when the GPU I tried to give the Game Pass away, but apparently it does a system check to make sure you have the AMD CPU or GPU installed in your PC. Running on a asus prime x470pro mobo with 16gig of the 8pack tforce ram at 3200mhz. For example, if the PC is idle and the margin is at 50C, it stays at that for a few seconds, then it jumps down to 40C and then 43, 45, etc until it's back to 50. 34 to 1. Both sit at 31-32 idle but occasionally jump to 35-45 depending on  I had a Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO and my CPU temp was around 36-45 idle so I bought a Corsair Hydro 105 because someone suggested  24 Apr 2019 But monitoring your CPU temps won't do you any good if you don't know that a CPU core temperature of over 40-45-degrees Celsius while idling . 0C but RealTemp shows my cores at 64, 69, 70, 72 my core voltage is 1. Keeps my 7850K super cool. I'm using linux and the "on demand" cpu frequency scaler often underclocks automatically to ~2GHz when idling. Use something like hwinfo64. Ryzen master utility would report correct CPU temperatures tend to jump when the CPU is working harder, as it uses more power to process more info, so in turn, the temperatures jump, and its also got intel speed step, which means it jumps from lower idle speed to full speed when its being used, then back, when its idle, so nothing to worry about, unless it goes over 70*c, which means time to back off a little on the Overclock. Must be a problem with the BIOS revision. The idle temps around 30c are fine, just Reporting: CPU temp jumping from 45C to 80C This post has been flagged and will be reviewed by our staff. 23v. At idle, temps are 30 deg C and cooling fans are completely silent. An efficient way to determine CPU usage is to use the Processor:% Processor Time counter in System Monitor. I don't remember 100% but using the CM hyper 212 I got seemed to make the temps lower but I'm not sure. BIOS reports temp at 26C (not thermal margin, but actual temp). Use HWmonitor to keep track of GPU temps/fan speed. The GPU will reach to about 60 degrees Celsius and the CPU hitting 80. Attachments Win 10 64 Pro6700k @ 4. Seems like glass is not always the best thermal soluition . All BIOS settings were reset before testing. A consistent state of 80 percent to 90 percent may indicate the need to upgrade your CPU or add more processors. My temps are OK, I have Noctua NH-D15, temps never go above 64°C in full load in prime95 stress testing. Everything loaded fine but now it keeps recycling through saying that it is setting up the computer for first time use and then configuring the system, then it reboots and does the same thing all over again. edit subscriptions Bios usually runs the CPU higher than idle Windows. So i swapped the rad to the front. Then repeat back to 40 again. BIOS reports actual temp at 40C. 6 GHz using 1. Sign in I would stress the CPU, and not rely on idle and spike readings too much. meanwhile my hdd is working hard (hdd led is red). Thanks Chris After a fresh boot, I decided to run Prime 95, stressing all cpu cores to 100%. Also I have an issue. CPU temperatures seemed high to me. The very first version of CPU-Z was released in 1999, so hum yes it turns 20 this year :) For that occasion, a special "anniversary" version is planned with a dedi On normal, it stays on 60-70, maybe 80 sometimes, but as soon as I start something that's graphics related, it kicks up to 90s. When the delta is big enough to drive the additional "load wattage" across the interface, the CPU's temperature stabilizes. I have 4 GB of RAM. Installed in Thermaltake Core V1 without a problem. I've never seen any other CPU do this, and I can't even get it to climb that fast on a Prime95 run. 7GHz and I am currently running Prime95 Small FFTs. it shows my cp;u idle temp when cpu at  15 Jun 2008 [SOLVED] CPU temp jumps instantly when loaded. Are these computers really that sensitive? If so I'll just buy a Mac. com: Dell XPS 9570 Laptop 15. Any suggestions on how to fix it? Thanks. I'm new to this proc and board but Its non stop even now whilst its sat there idle its switching between 2ghz and 4. Is it Randomly getting huge FPS drops in games It may be at normal when it's idle, but the dust prevents the CPU to be cooled efficiently when needed.   Should I be worried abo Idle temps will jump to 55*C and BIOS temps will look hot. I just got a new PC the other day, and today while messing around with HWMonitor I noticed something strange. Corsair links default fan rpm is 2020 and its a bit loud was thinking of setting up a custom fan curve. 6" FHD, 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8750H CPU, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, GeForce GTX 1050Ti, Thin bzl 400 Nits Display, Silver, Windows 10 Home - XPS9570-7996SLV-PUS, Gaming Capable: Computers & Accessories 28 Feb 2017 So i just built a new pc and my cpu temp in the CAM software keeps jumping around. I had my 8700K up to 5GHz/1. I'd like to really test the PC, but without temps being able to stabilize and jumping so easily it seems like there may be an issue in the long run. I have the same laptop and problem as op, the cpu temperature is stuck around 89-90C and then, there's thermal throttling which causes stutters and fps drops in the games, especially Dota 2. It'll jump from 53C to 63C or 58C to 68C in from one sensor sweep to the next. Idle in windows, cpu temp randomly jumps from 42c to 50s and 60s. I noticed my Temps idle were between 32-36c but bouncing around up to 50c when i was doing light work like watching you tube, but not staying there, but i would see something like 30, 31, 40, 50, then back down to 30s, but this would happen with in like 5 seconds. ServeTheHome and ServeThe. All of that is absolutely normal. My idle temps are now 25-40 degrees celsius depending on windows power plan and also my ambient temperature is around 30-35 degrees at my place. Just wondering what to trust, my corsair link says my 2600x cpu package is jumping from 75c to 85c but i read online that amd ryzen master is better so at reading temperatures for ryzen and its stating 29c to 31c at idle. haven't been able to test much but so far so good. My idle temps are anywhere from 35C to 55C. My CPU temperature revolves around 40 - 50 C while idle and it immediately shoots up to 90 C while starting a game as old as AOE II Conquerors. Im looking at CPU-z and seeing that my multi is jumping from 9x to 6x. mine is jumping from low 20's up o 40's just sat at "idle" OCUK told me to RMA the board and cpu, but I am not happy What are the Temps (idle /underload) I should be seeing when I OC the CPU? This is on Air. First, if you have a $400 Intel chip and you just built it I'm going to assume you have an i7-5820K. I want to know if its a concern and I should go for some enhanced CPU Cooler. The fan really starts to kick in when about 93 degrees are reached, but it doesn't go down unless I stop the graphics stuff. Do these temps seem normal even if the Witcher 3 temps keep climbing? I tried repasting the the CPU and cleaning it off the best I can. now when running prime95 the temps on the cpu jump to about 60c and the cputin drop to Gamers red hot with fury over Intel Core i7-7700 temperature spikes with the temps most people are seeing, even good chips capable of hitting high clocks at low voltage still have very little CAM displaying wrong CPU temp Just got CAM installed with a Kraken X61 but the software is showing a different CPU temperature than what is shown on the motherboard and in Open Hardware Monitor. my subreddits. Actually at idle now Both in HWMonitor, Cpu-Z and Intels Tuning Tool the temps are bouncing around, as well as the Vcore, altering from 1. Coil whine from pump. Yes CPU burn is a good program. I bought this hp omen x 900 110nl 2 days ago,and i started to use it ( mainly for gaming). Is it best to have the cooler fan spin according to the CPU temps? I normally use the Manual option in the BIOS to set a custom fan temperature/speed curve. 9c. What makes Core Temp unique is the way it works. 2 up to like 1. I also tried Prime95 which is not recommended beyond 4 core CPUs, but even there temps did not exceed 92 C but saw half the cores throttling down. 39. It seems to idle around 30c, but when im browsing it will jump from 30 to 60  With newer smaller high performance Intel cpus, the temps do go up very . EVGA E-LEET shows my CPU temp at 84. The Right Cooling Solution AMD doesn't use thermal paste between the Ryzen Threadripper processors’ dies and integrated heat spreader. Using AIDA stress test, my temps top out at 85 C. i7 6700k temps on oc, what u get? Those load your CPU in a way which you will never reach, with daily computing, gaming, or even video encoding. The questin is, what are the cpu temps you guys are getting? My 1700x never seems to idle below 45C and the load temp can get into the 70s. Thank you for helping us maintain CNET's great community. 37v on average, jumping from 1. Idle Temperature - Computer idling at Windows desktop (no open windows or programs) Normal Temperature - Computer during heavy use (gaming, video editing, virtualization etc) Max Temperature - Highest safe CPU temperature recommended by Intel or AMD; Most CPUs will begin to throttle (lower its clock speed to cut down heat) once they hit 95 to jump to content. I really do not want to fry the q6600 first time out. EXE is a copied version supposeldy trying to look like wmiprvse. i5 3570k erratic/fluctuating temps at idle. Strangle can explain it better than me but they're idle temps are frequently impossible since they're colder than room temperature. I started using Speedfan to monitor temp of my cpu, but after getting program to work i got 4 different readings. Of course your temps are going to be jumping around with turbo on. High CPU usage can be indicative of several different problems. I did a clean OS install thinking it was a software Still no proper BIOS from ASRock for the X470 Taichi. Thermal margin reported by AMD Overdrive jumping every second from 60C to 70C. See below the screenshot which I captured using CPU ID HWMonitor. some times when I'm working with my PC, it's memory and CPU usage rises dramatically (say from 700mb to 4GB and 70% CPU usage) and it freezes for about 2 minutes. 56 (your max temp your CPU got to) seems kind of high for that cooler. These temps are at 20C ambient room temperature. I can't really complain because it was a free gift, but stillwould have been nice to get a promotion that I can actually use. cam softwared is fucked. My idle temps I slowly goes up currently as I type this HWinfo64 says 53. I need to get my testbed back up and running. Slow computer and high CPU usage? A possible solution. If it hogs your computer, buy a better one. with microsoft certs is completely fine. cpu and memory usage rises dramatically Hi, All. All the other temps seem normal with ambient in the 20s. M ORE N EWS; B READBOX; P ODCASTS; B LOGS; S YSTEMS; M ULTIMEDIA; High i7-6700 idle temps? Moderators even for silent mode it's a little hot. This decision should Warning: Some i7-6820HKs and i7-6700HQ have Uneven Core Temps due to Uneven Heatsink. I am using a Noctua NH-D15 in a Coolermaster MasterCase 5. This article will show you how to monitor your processors temperature and tell you the maximum CPU temperature your PC should be running at. As I want the lowest idle speeds possible I keep the CPU fan speed down to the minimum PWM % duty cycle possible up to a CPU temperature of 50C. The CPU is not overclocked. 50C isn't inherently bad depending on a long, long list of variables. So recently built a computer for one of my friends and the cpu temps are about right sitting at 40c with stock cooler I3 2120 by the way, but in HW monitor there is a cputin showing 80call of this at idle. In newer versions of Microsoft Windows®, the CPU monitor in the task manager enables users to check the degree of CPU utilization. We'll cover our test parameters before jumping into the numbers. with all the crap running in the background, like e-mail updates, programs/win updates, sync, dropbox etc. Top 10 Ways to Fix High CPU/Memory/RAM Usage after Windows 10 Update. I installed the CLC 280 on an i7-8700k (for my older brother). Here are the things I've done to improve the Huawei Matebook X Pro's thermal performance. Percentages and graphs of the usage of standalone and system programs can be monitored. CPU s G RAPHICS M OTHERBOARDS C ASES & POWER S TORAGE M OBILE G AMING F ORUMS J OBS. x and so Bad performance. The heat in the cpu depends on two things: 1. what are your load temps?04dcarraher CPU in You should check your idle and load temps to make sure they are staying within the manufacturer's safe range and that the system runs in the expected range for the cooling you have bought/made. The fun part is that Vcore on the Intel tool is showing a whopping 1. My temps jump when "idle" all the time. Update: I have flashed my bios from F5 to F6 on gigabyte board. In a matter of one minute into Prime, the whole system started "stuttering" again - a simpler way to describe it is laggy frame-skipping. Amazon. So in winter i notice even lower idle temps. cpu temps jumping idle

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